TR-80H/TPU head loop sealing machine

TR-80 TPU   1

TR-80H/TPU is made for ultrasonic sealing side tapes and elastic/TPU head loop band onto blank masks automatically. It can be operated either in semi-auto mold with 2 operators per a machine or combined with a blank mask making machine via connection systems to turn them into a full auto. mold which is able to save significant manpower. The structure of the machine is made by aluminium alloy. Thanks to its PLC & servo driving system which provide programmable and accurate movements during the machine in operation.


Machine size : 2300L x  1280W x 1900H (mm)

Machine power requirement : 220 V 1 or 3 phases

Capacity : 25~28pcs/min. depends on the thickness of raw materials

Operator requirement : 2 operators.