TR-98 series automatic inner or outer ear loop making machine

TR-98 series full automatic inner/outer ear loop face mask making machine.

TR-98 is a reliable and high performance full automatic inner or outer ear loop face mask production line which is made in Taiwan in highest quality standard. Through its automatic processes, labor costs can be reduced significantly while machine reliability and performance maintain.  TR-98 series is combined by a set of blank mask making machine along with 1~3 sets of inner or outer ear loop sealing machine via flip and blank mask auto. transfer systems. By changing blank mask machine, it is able to produce 3 ply inner/ outer ear loop face masks or KF94 fish/ boat type ear loop face masks.

  • Capacity:90~120 pcs/min. depends on the thickness of materials and type of face mask . 
  • Machine size:5.7M (L/1 blank plus 2 ear loop machines) × 5.5M(W) × 1.9M(H).
  • Power Consumption:10Kw.
  • Power Source:220V 3 phases.
  • Operator Requires:1~3 operators depends on the combination.