TR-60B Tie mask sealing & packing mahchine

tie_tape_sealing_and_packing                  長帶口罩及紙盒

TR-60B mask Tie sealing and packing machine is made for producing surgical tie masks automatically. By its automatic processes from tie folding , sealing onto blank masks, tie-sealed masks pre-stacking and than pack into prepared boxes , all can be done automatically.

TR-60B features aluminum alloy structures , PLC control and automatic packing into carton boxes . Also TR-60B mask tie sealing and packing machine can be combined with TR-90 via robot rams to turn them into a full automatic production line.

  • Capacity:40pcs/min.
  • Machine size:3000mm L × 950mm W × 2600mm H.
  • Power Consumption:3Kw.
  • Power Source:220V 1 or 3 phases.
  • Operator requires:2.