TR-50 series elastic fabric loop and ear loop Dust / N95 /KN95 grade C-fold mask making machine

TR-50 C mask making machinec mask cut

TR-50 series is made for producing dust mask ( c shape ) mask for both industrial and medical usages. Through its automatic processes from fabric folding , ultrasonic sealing , nose clip inserting/ sealing(optional) and end shape cutting, only one manpower is required to operate this machine.

The C fold blank masks can be utilized in producing C-fold masks with elastic fabric ear loop , elastic band ear loop or head band loop automatically.

  • Machine size : 6800L x 1100W x 1800L mm
  • Power source : 220 V 3 phase
  • Capacity : 35~60 pcs/min. depends on the thickness of raw materials and type of ear loop.
  • Power consumption : 7 Kw
  • Option 1 : Exhalation valve hole cutting device .
  • Option 2 : Nose clip auto. attaching device .
  • Option 3 : inkjet printing system.
  • Option 4 : Attaching elastic fabric loop  automatically.
  • Option 5 : Attach outer ear loop elastic band automatically.