TR-80 Inner ear loop sealing machine

TR-80 ear loop sealing machine (2)內耳帶

TR-80 inner ear loop making machine is made for attaching elastic band and side tapes onto blank masks by ultrasonic sealing. TR-80 features robust aluminum alloy structures, PLC control, automatic ultrasonic sealing , automatic Nonwoven fabric folding , elastic band cutting and mask finishing stacking.

Tr-80 inner ear loop sealing machine requires 2 operators, one is to load blank masks manually and the other one is to collect mask finishing from conveyor. The mask finishing can be stacked on the conveyor and amount of stacking can be adjusted from its digital control panel.

TR-80 can be combined with blank mask making machine TR-90 to turn them into a full automatic production line TR-98 series in order to save labor cost significantly.

  • Capacity:40~45 pcs/min.
  • Machine size:2000mm L × 950mm W × 1800mm H.
  • Power Consumption:3 Kw.
  • Power Source:220 V 1 or 3 phases.
  • Operator requires:2.